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Hedgehog Hosts a Party

With summer solstice approaching quickly, Darnit’s days became full of party preparations. Friends helped… a lot!  Miss Daisy energetically martialed a snack …

The Darn Process

As a teacher, I had become so accustomed to showing and explaining clay techniques to everyone at the studio, I practically had …

Tiny temporary studio of Darn Pottery

Working in a tiny studio

Setting up a temporary studio, no matter how small or provisional, turns out to be an exercise in restraint.  Spoiled by a …

New Neighborhood

We’re getting ready for the big move, packing like crazy and looking forward to a little more nature time.

Darn Formal

The magazines, galleries, and jurors love ’em, so you got to shoot ’em. Straight up photo booth!

Outside the Booth

The fade to gray is just killing me, I’m working on a new photography setup for more of a pots in action …